Rock-smithy V (the fifth)

Organizers of the XVI International Festival of blacksmith art «Forged Figures Park» invite music groups to take part in the «Rock-smithy V». The final of the project will take place on 21 September 2014.
«Rock-smithy» is an annual competition of musical groups. This forum is a part of another significant and large-scale meeting of masters of art — blacksmith festival «Forged Figures Park». For the fifth time, «Rock-smithy» will gather in its ranks talented Ukrainian artists. Foreign groups are also interested in participating in it.
It was stated thirteen teams for the festival in 2013. The winners received prizes — figurines of a metal specially designed by masters of blacksmithing. There were different unique works of metalworkers as awards in each category.
Final Competition 2014 will be held for the 16th festival «Forged Figures Park» on September 21. In the meantime, the best young rockers are tuning their instruments, preparing for a qualitative performance.

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