A Brief History of the festival Forged Figures Park

Blacksmith Festival in Donetsk was originated in 1996 at the initiative of Honored Artist of Ukraine Viktor Ivanovich Burduk.
First blacksmith festivals were held as a part of the celebration of the Day of Donetsk for the promotion of the blacksmith art among the inhabitants as a profession and an antique craft. Until 2001, the festival was called » The Roses of Donetsk».
In 2001, at the initiative of Victor Burduk and with the support of the city authorities in a park near the Donetsk City Council the first 11 works of artistic metal were established . It was a symbol of foundation of the project «Forged Figures Park».
In 2006, the festival got an international status. Since 2007, the festival has been helding as a separate event, attracting the attention of blacksmiths from all over Ukraine and other countries.
During the festival was organized and conducted competitions in a blacksmith heptathlon, performed master classes.
Now The International Festival of Smithing «Forged Figures Park» is one of the most beloved urban festivals among citizens of Donetsk and important annual event for the blacksmithing community.
The main objective of the International Festival of blacksmithing skill «Forged Figures Park» is a continuation of traditions of forging and demonstration of cultural values of blacksmithing to the general public. Creation of opportunities for the realization of the creative potential of modern blacksmiths.
Both domestic and foreign smiths, experts from other crafts, musicians, athletes and pthers are invited To participate in the International Festival of blacksmithing skill «Forged Figures Park». Musical and heroic tradition of the festival are also strong. The virtuoso guitarist, People\’s Artist of Ukraine Enver Izmailov stays the musical face of the festival for many years. Dmitry Khaladzhi is a heroic personification of the event.
Thanks to the project «Forged Figures Park» Donetsk city in 2008 was admitted to the international organization «Ring of European Cities blacksmiths». The highlight of the International Festival of blacksmithing skill is itself Forged Figures Park, which is annually established by the work done at the festival, or prepared for it. At the XIV Festival (in 2012) Forged Figures Park was included in the «Ukrainian Book of Records», which registered the Park as a unique record.
Forged Figures Park became the official hallmark of Donetsk, the place of rest. It is listed in the list of names of the elements of urban infrastructure. 
Annually published catalog of Forged Figures Park, which in 2012 grew into the directory «Forged Figures Park. Ten years».
Experience in conducting of blacksmithing festival did not go unnoticed in a professional environment. Example of Donetsk blacksmiths prompted enterprising craftsmen from other regions the way to popularize blacksmithing. Currently, a range of large and small festivals are held in Ukraine. Vividly illustrating the development of the festival movement in 2012 the blacksmiths of Donbass lit blacksmith forges of the first festival in Rivne, in the most literal sense.
About the Festival of blacksmith art Forged Figures Park written a lot in the press. Some of the publications can be found at:
www.pkf.donbass.name — Forged Figures Park — the official site
www.pkf-13.donbass.name — XIII Festival Website
www.pkf-14.donbass.name — XIV Festival Website
www.pkf-15.donbass.name — XV Festival Website

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